Project Description

USA Environment, LP has been contracted to perform the Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition of a former rare earth minerals processing plant located within a larger chemical manufacturing facility in Freeport, Texas. The plant operated for the production of separated rare earth hydroxide and nitrate with the potential to process approximately 4,000 metric tons per year of rare earth oxides. During the course of processing, thorium, uranium and subsequent decay products are removed from the ore material and either enter the waste stream or are further developed as a product as in the case of uranyl nitrate.

The site was approved for closure by the USEPA and modeling was used to determine remediation goals for allowable soil concentrations in order to meet the regulatory requirement of 25 mrem per year dose to members of the industrial worker group over the first 1000 years post-closure. These limiting conditions resulted in soil concentrations equal to 3 pCi/g of thorium-232 and 9 pCi/g uranium-238.

Project Highlights

  • Radiologically impacted soils and liquids stored onsite
  • Impacted liquids and solids from decontamination activities
  • Radiologically impacted structural components (steel & concrete) from building and other demolition
  • Radiologically impacted concrete from slab and sewer demolition
  • Radiologically impacted soils.
Environmental Remediation

Decontamination & Demolition

Ecological Restoration


Soil Mixing & Treatments

Water Treatments

Waste Transportation & Disposal

Automated Hydroblasting & Chemical Cleaning

Decommissioning Projects

General Maintenance

Tank Cleaning


Vapor Recovery


Radiological Waste Handling