Project Description

Residual contamination was found in and around a buried concrete storage tank. USA’s task was to safely remove the tank, soil fill, and surrounding soils. Work included full excavation, concrete crushing to 3”, and containerizing for off-site disposal. The task was complex because the COC’s known adverse health effects and low Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of 1 PPB meant the work had to be done in Level B PPE inside a fully enclosed tent. A carbon air scrubber was essential. More complexity arose from high ambient summer temperatures and steps needed to prevent possible engine combustion (fire) that was anticipated because of the concrete dust taxing equipment. In the end, USA’s engineered solutions tackled all of the project challenges. The project was successfully completed over the course of a few summer months.

Project Highlights

  • Detailed planning – equipment positioning, work areas, order of operations.
  • Direct lines & hoses for everything – people, equipment, power, air, exhaust, etc.
  • Coordinated movements and work flow paths.
  • Extra dust filters; air sampling at least daily.
  • Extra personnel to monitor equipment 24/7.
  • Air conditioning added – cooling room created for negative air supply.
  • Custom-built adaptors for equipment air intake lines and custom exhaust hoses out.
Environmental Remediation

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