Project Description

Prior industrial activity at Army Creek Marsh, Delaware resulted in contamination being introduced into wetlands. USA was hired in to implement a wetlands remediation and restoration program on the 50-acre site. Work was performed in accordance with a consent decree issued by the State of Delaware. An integral part of the remediation included the dewatering system, which consisted of total hydraulic control around the 12 acres. Two million gallons of contact water was pumped and conveyed through the on-site treatment system.

Ecological restoration of the marsh included installing 12,000 plants and shrubs and constructing a meandering channel system that emulates the natural ecosystem. All marsh remediation and restoration activities were conducted using specialized low ground pressure equipment including Amphibious Swamp Excavators and Crawler High-Tracked Carriers. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has described the once heavily contaminated site as a haven for wildlife.

Project Highlights

  • Permitted water treatment and discharge system
  • Excavation containment using Port-O-Dam technology
  • Excavation and backfill in unstable conditions
  • Specialized equipment including amphibious excavator and rotating turret trucks
  • Self-performed successful site restoration and monitoring per DNCR regulations
  • Wetland monitoring and annual reports
Environmental Remediation

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Ecological Restoration


Soil Mixing & Treatments

Water Treatments

Waste Transportation & Disposal

Automated Hydroblasting & Chemical Cleaning

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