USA Environment LP

Radioactive Material Management

USA is recognized as one of the only qualified, certified and licensed NORM / TENORM / Radiological service providers in the industry. USA helps organizations of all sizes meet national and international legal and other requirements regarding the handling, management, control and disposal of NORM / RAD impacted materials in a safe and responsible manner.

We manage NORM, TENORM, NOW, NARM and any other radioactive material with atomic numbers 1 through 95. USA’s Radioactive Material License authorizes USA to perform the decontamination and disposal of buildings, pipe, land, and equipment impacted with radioactive materials. USA is equipped to handle something as small as a single radioactive exit sign or smoke detector to as complex as a full MARSSIM facility closure. USA has the right mixture of experience, expertise, licensing and equipment to provide full service radioactive materials management associated with the decontamination and/or decommissioning of our clients equipment and facilities. Our RCRA expertise also allows us to meet your mixed waste needs.

USA maintains a significant asset base of specialized equipment, including portable decontamination units, monitoring instruments and radiation survey equipment.

USA Environment a proven track record of success performing high hazard/high activity source recovery and decontamination.

USA’s Portable Decontamination License:
  • Allows handling of any radioactive material with atomic # 1 - 95
  • Allows handling of radioactive materials in a solid, sludge or liquid matrix.
  • Authorizes USA for the decontamination of pipe, land, equipment and materials with radioactive contamination.
  • Allows us to handle an unlimited quantity of material with no curie limitation.
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